Henry Finally Finds His New Management Agency in 7 Months!

Nov 7, 2018

Henry Finally Finds His New Management Agency in 7 Months!
Henry, formerly of K-pop boy group Super Junior's sub-unit Super Junior-M, has found his new management agency in about seven months.

On November 7, Monster Entertainment Group announced, "We are delighted to announce that Henry has become our first artist. We'll be giving him as much support as he needs."HenryBack in April, Henry's contract with SM Entertainment and its subsidiary company LABEL SJ had ended.

Without renewing his contract, Henry left SM Entertainment and LABEL SJ, and naturally, his departure from Super Junior-M was confirmed as well.HenryThen in July, Henry established his own agency 'Henry Lau's Personal Studio' especially to support his activities in China.

Four more months later, Henry has finally signed a contract with a new management agency in Korea.

Monster Entertainment Group reportedly has multiple North American and Chinese partnerships, which will help Henry to become a globally-leading multi-entertainer.HenryFor the last 10 years since his debut in April 2008, Henry has perfectly demonstrated his great talent and interest in music to the public.

Recently, Henry expanded his career into the field of acting by starring in a Chinese film 'Double World' and joining a Hollywood film 'A Dog's Journey'.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'henryl89' Instagram)

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