The Top 3 Most Popular Girl Groups in the Military According to G-DRAGON?

Nov 7, 2018

The Top 3 Most Popular Girl Groups in the Military According to G-DRAGON?
TWICE Red Velvet BLACKPINK G-DRAGONK-pop boy group BIGBANG's leader G-DRAGON revealed which three girl groups are the most popular in the military.

On November 6 episode of JTBC's talk show 'Idol Room', the host entertainer Jung Hyung Don talked about his recent phone conversation that he had with G-DRAGON, who is currently serving his national mandatory duty as an active-duty soldier.Idol RoomAs girl group TWICE joined the show in this episode, Jung Hyung Don recalled the phone conversation he had about girl groups with G-DRAGON recently.

Jung Hyung Don said, "Not too long ago, G-DRAGON called me from the military. G-DRAGON said that fans of three different girl groups are almost having a war in the military at the moment."Idol RoomHe went on, "G-DRAGON said that TWICE, Red Velvet, BLACKPINK are the most popular out of all girl groups. Apparently, when these three groups perform in music shows, each group of fans chants along the songs to see who can cheer louder and better."

Failing to hide the smirking look on his face, Jung Hyung Don added, "Actually, G-DRAGON asked me to get autographs signed by TWICE."Idol RoomAfter watching this episode, fans commented, "I guess G-DRAGON belongs to a group of TWICE's fans then.", "G-DRAGON hyung, just write a song for TWICE! Then, you'll get to spend time with them!", "This is so funny! Once a K-pop superstar has become a true soldier.", and so on.

Meanwhile, G-DRAGON was placed into the ROK Army's 3rd Infantry 'White Skull' Division upon completing his military training in April, and is expected to be discharged on November 26, 2019.

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