TWICE Members Reveal Their Health Care Secret & What They Want from JYP

Nov 8, 2018

TWICE Members Reveal Their Health Care Secret & What They Want from JYP
K-pop girl group TWICE's member JIHYO is paying extra attention to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

On November 8 episode of SBS POWER FM's radio show 'Cultwo Show', TWICE made appearance at the show and put a smile on the audience's face with its irresistible charm.
TWICEAfter reading a comment from the audience that said, "This album's choreography looks super hard. Is everything okay? Physically??", the host Kim Tae Kyun asked, "Is there any member who especially cares about their health or is into healthy food?"

TZUYU laughed and replied, "I like eel." and JIHYO said, "I take five pills of nutrition supplements every day. I've been exhausted lately, so I've just started taking it."
TWICEJIHYO made everyone burst into laugh by saying, "I take vitamins, red ginseng, and stuff like that. Each day feels different."
TWICESince MOMO's birthday is tomorrow (November 9), MOMO said, "I wanted to get a kiss from each member, but I got it already."
TWICEThen the host asked, "Then is there anything you want from J.Y. Park, the head producer of JYP Entertainment?", she quickly replied, "A vacation!"
TWICEOne of the member also chimed in and shouted, "For a month! A month!"

Everyone at the site had a blast thanks to the members' candid and hilarious response.
TWICETWICE made its comeback with the 6th mini album 'YES or YES' released on November 5.

The group received Best Selling Artist, one of four grand awards at '2018 MGA' on November 6.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= SBS POWER FM Cultwo Show, JYP Entertainment)

(SBS Star)