4 Stars Who Worked Multiple Part-time Jobs Before Becoming Famous

Nov 8, 2018

4 Stars Who Worked Multiple Part-time Jobs Before Becoming Famous
Some people are lucky enough to succeed without going through many difficulties in life.

Most successful people, however, go through tough times and struggle a lot on their way to success.

Let's take a look at the four stars below who, whether they wanted it or not, were given the opportunity to fully learn the meaning of a motto 'no pain, no gain' before their debut.

1. SUGA from BTSSUGAPreviously, SUGA revealed that he used to work as a delivery man to make money for his tuition when he was a trainee.

SUGA said that he fell off his motorcycle and seriously injured his shoulders one day.

Apparently, he suffered from pain in his shoulders even after debut that he had to stop b-boying and working out.

2. Ong Seong Wu from Wanna OneOng Seong WuDuring the 10 years of training, Ong Seong Wu took various modeling part-time jobs.

He worked as a model for an online clothing shop, wedding photo studio, hair salon, and so on.

3. Kang Ha NeulKang Ha NeulKang Ha Neul was not born into a wealthy family, but he got into a private arts school where the tuition was high.

In order to cover his tuition, he worked at a buffet, gas station, convenience store, factory, and many more.

4. Kim Go-eunKim Go-eunKim Go-eun began working part-time as she felt that she should contribute to paying her tuition.

So, she got a job at a restaurant where she worked 10 hours a day.

She also has modeled for an online clothing shop, and worked at a city hall where she sorted out documents.

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