Wanna One Kang Daniel to Join 'The Letter from Angels' Campaign

Nov 9, 2018

Wanna One Kang Daniel to Join 'The Letter from Angels' Campaign
K-pop boy group Wanna One's Kang Daniel participated in a meaningful project.

Recently, Kang Daniel went for a special photo shoot for 'The Letter from Angels' campaign.
Wanna One Kang Daniel'The Letter from Angels' is a campaign which aims to increase awareness of children rights and to spread the importance of adoption.

The campaign was established back in 2003 by professional photographer Cho Seihon and Social Welfare Society.
Wanna One Kang DanielCho Seihon shared behind photos of Kang Daniel during their photo shoot, which beautifully capture Kang Daniel brightly smiling with the baby.

Fans commented, "Daniel is holding the baby in the most caring way. This is so precious.", "Thank you for your amazing work. Can't wait to check out the whole pictorial.", "My heart is melting. Two angels in one frame.", and many more.Wanna One Kang DanielWanna One Kang DanielKang Daniel's pictorial will be featured on the December issue of fashion magazine 'Marie Claire', and presented at a special photo exhibition 'Cho Seihon's Photo Exhibition of Love' on November 21 to 26 at Insa Arts Center, Seoul.

(Credit= 'marieclairekorea' Facebook, 'cho.seihon' Instagram) 

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