Red Velvet JOY Opens up About Her Struggle with Inferiority Complex

Nov 9, 2018

Red Velvet JOY Opens up About Her Struggle with Inferiority Complex
K-pop girl group Red Velvet's member JOY had a hard time dealing with her self-esteem issues.

On November 3 episode of Lifetime's reality show 'Pajama Friends', the cast members of the show had a time to get to know themselves on a better level using art therapy.

Whilst expressing their thoughts with pictures, JOY drew an angry flame on her sketchbook.
JOYJOY picked up her sketchbook and confessed, "Inferiority complex sprang to my mind. I jumped on this competitive society at a young age, so whenever I had to face someone who's better than me, I felt small."

The life of a trainee can be pretty suffocating and stressful since they have to start competing at a very young age, and no one can guarantee their success even if they managed to make a debut.
JOYJOY said, "I know that those feelings could chip away at me, so I try to make my piece with it. But they always bug me."
JOYWhilst confessing the fact that she finally learned how to let go of those feelings a bit, JOY continued, "This looks like a fire, but in fact, it's water. You can't touch fire. Now I can control my emotions."
JOYAfter hearing JOY's honest confession, tears welled up in HAYOUNG's eyes, who is also a girl group member of Apink.
JOYHAYOUNG said, "I can't trust people easily. I can't say everything that's on my mind, so I always feel like I'm stuck in somewhere."
JOYLater in the interview, JOY mentioned, "I felt bad because if I opened up first and tried to talk to her more candidly, she would've been less scared."

The public related to their story deeply since what they have gone through looked pretty similar to everyone's daily struggle.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= Lifetime Pajama Friends)

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