Ju Ji Hoon Unveils the Behind Scenes of Netflix's Upcoming Drama 'Kingdom'

Nov 9, 2018

Ju Ji Hoon Unveils the Behind Scenes of Netflix's Upcoming Drama 'Kingdom'
Korean actor Ju Ji Hoon revealed what it was like to work with Netflix for the first time.

On November 9 (local time), Netflix's lineup showcase 'See What's Next: Asia' took place at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

During the event, the cast members of upcoming Netflix original series 'Kingdom' sat down for a press conference.

Actor Ryu Seoung Ryong said, "The post-production process was quite different. Security was extremely tight. The shoot for the drama's poster went on for a week, but we never got to see it until yesterday."

He added, "It felt like we were filming three physically demanding Korean movies. It was a huge scale drama."

Ju Ji Hoon said, "I put my heart into acting not to be the one who gets eliminated in the quality control process. It wasn't awkward or anything since the directors, writers, and the co-stars and I go way back."
KINGDOM cast and crewHe continued, "But whilst filming, I wanted to cut my toes off because of the severe cold. And when the Netlix logo popped up at the end, it felt kind of weird but in a good way."

The screenwriter Kim Eun-hee mentioned, "Writers have their days and nights mixed up. But I had to attend the video conference at 9AM. That was hard."
KINGDOM cast and crewShe added, "But other than that, every other part of the drama was great. The communication and everything else was amazing."

When asked did he applied any universal standards whilst auditioning actors, the director Kim Sung-hun answered, "I've told that this drama will be distributed in 190 countries, and will be made in 27 languages."
KINGDOM cast and crewHe added, "But at the beginning of the process, you don't really know what 190 countries are all thinking. So we finalized the cast in a way that we used it before and the way we believed it was right."

On this day, Netflix co-founder/CEO Reed Hastings and Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos made appearance at the event and walked the press through the Netflix's future strategy and upcoming lineup.
KINGDOM cast and crewNetflix's upcoming drama 'Kingdom' is a mystery/thriller drama that will cover the story of a crown prince who was framed as a traitor after the return of his father, the deceased king.
KINGDOM cast and crewAfter being deported, the crown prince heads to the end of Joseon (Korean kingdom that lasted approximately five centuries), and tries to get to the bottom of the people who turned into monsters after a dreadful famine.

Meanwhile, 'Kingdom' is scheduled to be released in 190 countries through Netflix on January 25, 2019.

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