Park Hae Jin Becomes an Honorary Firefighter for His Good Deeds

Nov 12, 2018

Park Hae Jin Becomes an Honorary Firefighter for His Good Deeds
Korean actor Park Hae Jin was named an honorary firefighter for his good deeds.

On November 12, Park Hae Jin's management agency Mountain Movement revealed that Park Hae Jin was recently named an honorary firefighter at the National 119 Rescue Headquarters in Namyangju, Gyeonggi-do.Park Hae JinThe National Fire Agency decided to appoint Park Hae Jin as an honorary firefighter for a number of reasons.

It all started when Park Hae Jin first came to realize the tough and poor working conditions that all firefighters had after making a visit to one fire station through his fan, whose father worked as a firefighter.

Since then, Park Hae Jin showed his support to firefighters in his own ways by carrying out activities such as taking part in an awareness campaign, and shooting a promotional video and calendar in collaboration with the National Fire Agency with no payment.Park Hae JinDuring his acceptance speech, Park Hae Jin commented, "I feel very honored to have become an honorary firefighter. I started taking small steps to improve the working conditions for firefighters by chance."

He added, "I will continue working hard to raise the public's awareness towards firefighters. Thank you."Park Hae JinSince his debut in 2006, Park Hae Jin has made countless efforts to better the world, including planting trees to improve the ultra-fine dust issue and delivering coal briquettes to homes in the winter.

(Lee Narin, Credit= Mountain Movement)

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