EXO's Huge Fan GOLDEN CHILD JAE HYUN Takes Pictures with BAEKHYUN!

Nov 12, 2018

EXO's Huge Fan GOLDEN CHILD JAE HYUN Takes Pictures with BAEKHYUN!
JAE HYUN from K-pop boy group GOLDEN CHILD became one successful fan.

At the backstage of the recording studio for SBS 'Inkigayo' on November 11, JAE HYUN's dream came true.

On this day, JAE HYUN shared photos that he took with BAEKHYUN on GOLDEN CHILD's social media account and wrote, "BAEKHYUN greeted me warmly. I will become an awesome singer with the kind of attitude and talent like yours, BAEKHYUN!"BAEKHYUN and JAE HYUNJAE HYUN has frequently shown his love for EXO during broadcasts, fan events, and interviews in the past.

For instance, JAE HYUN has told fans that it was his wish to go to EXO's concert, and would intensely dance whenever EXO's songs started playing.

JAE HYUN especially named BAEKHYUN as his role model and favorite member out of all EXO's members.JAE HYUNJAE HYUNOn November 9 episode of KBS' music show 'Music Bank', JAE HYUN actually had the chance to hand a flower bouquet to BAEKHYUN when EXO won first place.

At that time, fans of GOLDEN CHILD as well as EXO's fans commented on how cute JAE HYUN was, as JAE HYUN gave BAEKHYUN a flower bouquet even though he already had one in his hands.BAEKHYUNApparently at the fan signing event that took place after 'Inkigayo' on that day, JAE HYUN revealed that he has set one of the pictures with BAEKHYUN as his background on his mobile phone.

Fans are now calling JAE HYUN the luckiest fan on this planet.

Meanwhile, EXO has begun promoting its new title track 'Tempo' on November 3, and GOLDEN CHILD is also keeping itself busy to promote its title track 'Genie'.

(Lee Narin, Credit= NAVER V LIVE, 'Hi_Goldenness' Twitter)

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