Kim Sae Ron Says She Was Bullied in School Just Because She Was a 'Celebrity'

Nov 12, 2018

Kim Sae Ron Says She Was Bullied in School Just Because She Was a 'Celebrity'
Korean actress Kim Sae Ron opened up about her bullying experience in school.

On November 10 episode of JTBC's talk show 'Knowing Brothers', Kim Sae Ron mentioned her school life.

While Kim Sae Ron was talking about dropping out of her high school in 2016, her close friend HeeChul from Super Junior commented, "I heard that you were bullied by some fellow students in the past."Kim Sae RonKim Sae Ron answered, "Yeah, that was when I was in elementary school. After 'The Man from Nowhere' (2010) became a mega-hit film, a lot of students around my age started knowing that I worked as an actress."

She continued, "I moved to a new school then, and the students there were mean to me just because I was a 'celebrity'."Kim Sae RonWhen asked what they did to her, Kim Sae Ron replied, "They were harsh. They used to write swear words with my name on every slide in the playground on my way home, and steal my shoes from my shoe locker. So, I had to go home without any shoes on before."

She added, "There were also times when I was asked to come to a birthday party, but no one was there when I got to the venue."Kim Sae RonThe hosts asked, "In that case, have you ever regretted your choice of debuting as an actress?"

Without hesitation, Kim Sae Ron responded, "I honestly have gone through tough times, but I really enjoyed acting and I felt a sense of accomplishment seeing my name scrolling up at the end of a film."Kim Sae RonMeanwhile, Kim Sae Ron has been accepted to Chung-Ang University at the Department of Performing Arts and Film Studies through a talent-oriented admission, and will embark on a new journey as a college freshman next year.

(Lee Narin, Credit= JTBC Knowing Brothers)

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