TWICE's Agency to Take Strong Legal Action Against the Person Who Tried to Scam JIHYO

Nov 12, 2018

TWICE's Agency to Take Strong Legal Action Against the Person Who Tried to Scam JIHYO
K-pop girl group TWICE's member JIHYO has become a victim of a hacking scam, and her agency will be taking legal action against the scammer.

Previously on November 10, JIHYO took TWICE's official social media account to warn the person who tried to scam her.
TWICE JIHYOJIHYO wrote, "Recently, my e-mail ID was hacked and locked, so I can't check my business email, and this is a message from my family this morning.

Did you find out my family's number just because I am a celebrity? Don't play such mean, ridiculous pranks. I won't tolerate it again. Enough is enough."

JIHYO also shared screenshots of a hacker who pretened to be JIHYO sending messages to JIHYO's mother asking her to send money.
TWICE JIHYOTWICE's management agency JYP Entertainment released an official statement regarding the issue:

"Hello, this is JYP Entertainment.

We have been continuing legal protection of our artists with the policy of taking legal procedures on defamation and acts violating our artists' personal rights.

However, actions violating the privacy of artists have not stopped, and we have confirmed the crime has been expanding to our artists' families.

- Finding out their private information and using it illegally
- Finding out their personal information and continuously contacting them
- Spreading their private information online
- Spreading private photos that violate their privacy or portrait rights
- Hacking their private information or social media accounts

For these actions not just to the artists, but also their families, we will be taking legal measures without any leniency.

Our agency is continuously monitoring the situation and taking fan reports as well.

We will do our best so that wrongful actions will not cause trouble to not only the artists but also those who love TWICE."

(Credit= JYP Entertainment, 'twicetagram' Instagram)

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