4 Male Stars Who Got Into Top University with Excellent Grades

Nov 13, 2018

4 Male Stars Who Got Into Top University with Excellent Grades
On November 15, the college entrance exam (CSAT, College Scholastic Ability Test) will take place nationwide in Korea.

As the CSAT is going to be held soon, schools, universities, exams, and anything related to studying are never-ending topics of discussion among Koreans these days.

That is when they decided to go over the celebrities who excelled at school and entered top universities.

Let's take a look at who they are below!

1. Song Joong KiSong Joong KiSong Joong Ki used to be a short track speed skater since the first grade of elementary school.

After giving up on sports, he devoted himself to his studies and kept good grades throughout high school.

He then got into one of the top universities in Korea―Sungkyunkwan University after his second chance with the CSAT.

2. Lee Sang YunLee Sang YunLee Sang Yun once revealed, "During my senior year in high school, I never dozed off in class. Not even once."

Due to his great study habit, he scored 370 out of 400 on the CSAT.

Lee Sang Yun got into Seoul National University, which is the best university in Korea.

3. Super Junior KyuHyunKyuHyunKyuHyun is known to be a genius in mathematics.

He has won a number of mathematical contests in the past.

With his high CSAT score, which he ranked within 5% of the students that year, he got into Kyung Hee University where he majored in post-modern music.

4. Yim SiwanYim SiwanYim Siwan was at the top of the whole school in the area where it was academically very competitive.

Yim Siwan scored 450 out of 500 on the CSAT, ranking within the top 10% that year, and got into Pusan National University to study mechanical engineering.

However, he decided to drop out of college after beginning his career in music as a member of a K-pop boy group ZE:A.

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