Red Velvet JOY Volunteers at Animal Shelters Before Adopting Her Own Dog

Nov 13, 2018

Red Velvet JOY Volunteers at Animal Shelters Before Adopting Her Own Dog
K-pop girl group Red Velvet's member JOY's thoughtful behavior moved her fans and many pet owners.

On November 10, JOY announced on the group's social media account and through a live broadcast that she adopted a cute little puppy.
JOYWhilst talking about 'Sunshine', her adorable white puppy, she kept expressing her love to her new little furry friend.

Ever since her debut, JOY constantly mentioned her love for animals whenever she had the chance especially when she made appearance at variety shows.
JOYBack in 2017, when she was on JTBC's 'Knowing Brothers', she said that her dream was to be a dog trainer and to prove how serious she is, she even walked the hosts through some skills that she learned.
JOYWhen one of the host asked, "Do you have a dog?", JOY answered, "I never had one."

But later on it turns out that there was a valid reason why she wanted to put off adopting a little friend herself.

According to JOY, she wanted to learn how to treat puppies properly before she welcome a new family member to her home.
JOYTo prep herself up, Joy even volunteered at the animal shelters and tried to get acquainted with as many types of dogs as possible.

When the fans asked JOY why doesn't she have her own dog, JOY replied, "You can't just get one just because you want one. You need to be prepared."

In this day and age when some other reckless pet owners are causing controversy by abandoning their own dogs, JOY's considerate behavior moved the public.

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