BIGBANG G-DRAGON's Chubby Cheeks Melt His Fans' Heart!

Nov 14, 2018

BIGBANG G-DRAGON's Chubby Cheeks Melt His Fans' Heart!
Fans of K-pop boy group BIGBANG's G-DRAGON are absolutely in love with how happy and healthy he looks in recent photos.

On November 13, two new photos of G-DRAGON have circulated in various online communities.
BIGBANG G-DRAGONIn the photos, G-DRAGON is casually dressed with a baseball cap and no makeup, brightly smiling in front of a camera with his male friend.

It was reported that G-DRAGON visited his friend's restaurant located in Seoul during his day off.
BIGBANG G-DRAGONFans noticed that his cheeks became chubbier as he gained some weight since his enlistment back in February.

They commented, "I was dying to have some updates. Thank you for sharing this photo, GD's friend!", "He lost so much weight during his solo tour. Now he looks healthier than ever!", "Hiatus did you good, huh? We missed you so much.", and more.
G-DRAGONG-DRAGON is expected to be discharged from duty on November 26, 2019.

(Credit= Online Community, YG Entertainment)

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