Drunken Tiger Pays Compliment to BTS RM After Their Collaboration

Nov 15, 2018

Drunken Tiger Pays Compliment to BTS RM After Their Collaboration
Korean hip-hop artist Drunken Tiger was mesmerized by K-pop boy group BTS RM's amazing rap skills.

On November 14, Drunken Tiger held a showcase for his 10th full album 'X : Rebirth of Tiger JK' at Yes24 Live Hall, Seoul.
Drunken TigerWith the word 'X' in the title of his 10th full album 'X : Rebirth of Tiger JK', it appears that Drunken Tiger wanted to imply different meanings since the letter X could mean many things starting from mystery to infinity, multiplying, and a follow-up.

For this album, Drunken Tiger prepared 30 tracks in total based on a hope that his album might contribute in boosting the record industry even just a little.
Drunken TigerAlso, this album holds a special meaning to Drunken Tiger since RM decided to participate in one of his track despite his hectic schedule.

While talking about RM's first impression, Drunken Tiger recalled, "At first, when I got the call from Bang Shi Hyuk, the producer of BTS, I had preconceptions about him. But it was not because he was a K-pop act, I just didn't know who he was."
Drunken TigerHe added, "But after talking to him, learning what kind of music he likes, and recording with him in my studio, all of that prejudice was gone. Maybe it was because of what he does, he talks a lot and deliver speeches, but it felt like he had different vocal cords or something."
Drunken TigerDrunken Tiger continued, "The way he comprehends the track or writes lyrics is similar to the way I did it when I was a underground rapper."

Meanwhile, Drunken Tiger will put an end to his 20-year of journey with the album 'X : Rebirth of Tiger JK' released on November 14.

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