Simon Wiesenthal Center to Accept Apology from BTS' Agency

Nov 15, 2018

Simon Wiesenthal Center to Accept Apology from BTS' Agency
BTSA global human rights organization announced that the organization has accepted K-pop boy group BTS and its agency's apology regarding the group's recent incident.

On November 13, Simon Wiesenthal Center released an official statement titled, "Wiesenthal Center Welcomes K-Pop Group's Apology For Incidents Offensive To Jewish And Japanese Victims Of WWII."
Simon Wiesenthal Center websiteThe organization stated, "The BTS management issued a statement of apology Tuesday morning via social media and also announced that they would personally be in touch with the Wiesenthal Center."
BTSThe statement included the image of a letter from Big Hit Entertainment:

Big Hit Entertainment is aware of the current incident surrounding our artist. 

The artist was seen wearing a hat that we understand was deeply offensive in a 2014 magazine photo shoot, given to him from a collection of the magazine's stylist. 

Big Hit Entertainment is deeply conscious of our responsibility, as it is no excuse that we failed to screen the matter and regret that it happened. 

We will continue to educate ourselves, be more sensitive to such matters, and protect our artist from such incidents and the implications they may carry. 

We sincerely apologize to anyone who took offense in regards. 

It is worth noting that the artist has shared a message recently at the UN, which demonstrated their consistent beliefs that loving yourself and love for others are of primary importance in the world now, and that been a global message for the artist. 

Both Big Hit and the artists hope to continue spreading that message and share love for all humankind.

Again, thanks for your time and attention.
BTSPreviously on November 13, Big Hit Entertainment had released an official statement about the recent controversies surrounding BTS members in regard to the members' clothing items worn in the past that included images of an atomic bomb and one that resembles the Nazi symbol.

The agency had clarified that the incident occurred with no intent of causing discomfort to the historical victims, and stated that they will more carefully consider the details of promotions based on deeper understanding of various social/historical/cultural backgrounds.

(Credit= Simon Wiesenthal Center, 'bts_bighit' Twitter)

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