Park Seo Jun Becomes a Charismatic MMA Fighter for His Upcoming Film

Nov 15, 2018

Park Seo Jun Becomes a Charismatic MMA Fighter for His Upcoming Film
Korean actor Park Seo Jun turned into a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter full of charisma for his upcoming film 'The Divine Fury'.

On November 15, 'The Divine Fury' unveiled its publicity still for the first time.

In the still, Park Seo Jun hides parts of his face with a hood and locks his eyes on something.

Park Seo Jun looks worn out and emotionless that he gives off the hard-to-approach kind of vibe.The Divine Fury'The Divine Fury' is about a MMA champion 'Yong Hoo' (Park Seo Jun) meeting an exorcist 'Priest Ahn' (actor Ahn Sung-ki), and fighting against the great evil together.

At the American Film Market (AFM) that took place from October 31 until November 7, a 40-second promotional video of the film was unveiled, and a great number of film buyers from all over the world instantly became interested in 'The Divine Fury'.

As a consequence, it pre-sold the film to buyers in Hong Kong, Macao, Cambodia, Laos, Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland.The Divine FuryThe film officially began its production on August 14, but it is still in progress.

The fact that 'The Divine Fury' was pre-sold to 18 different countries at AFM even before it wrapped up the production and also only with a 40-second promotional video, is an impressive achievement.The Divine FuryMeanwhile, 'The Divine Fury' starring actor Woo Do Hwan, Park Seo Jun, and Ahn Sung-ki is planning to be released in 2019.

(Lee Narin, Credit= LOTTE Entertainment, 'bn_sj2013' Instagram)

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