GOLDEN CHILD Surprises BO MIN with a Homemade Lunch Box on His CSAT Day

Nov 15, 2018

GOLDEN CHILD Surprises BO MIN with a Homemade Lunch Box on His CSAT Day
The members of K-pop boy group GOLDEN CHILD must love the group's youngest, BO MIN.

In the morning of November 15, BO MIN arrived at Jamsil High School, Seoul to take national college entrance exam (CSAT, College Scholastic Ability Test).
GOLDEN CHILDWhen he showed up at school, a little box in his hand caught the eyes of many since he was holding it tight as if it was something precious.

It turns out that the members of GOLDEN CHILD packed him a lunch to support him on his big day.
GOLDEN CHILDApparently, they wanted to cheer him up with a heartwarming gift since BO MIN had to juggle two things at once this year despite his hectic schedule―studying and the group's promotional activity.

On November 14, GOLDEN CHILD posted a picture on its social media account with a caption saying, "Bon appetite, BO MIN."
In the picture, there is a cheese egg roll and two rice balls decorated with a piece of ham and eggs on top.

Also, the members held a live broadcast session to share the whole process of making lunch for BO MIN.
GOLDEN CHILDAfter seeing a homemade lunch box made just for BO MIN, fans commented, "That was so thoughtful.", "I can see how much they care about him.", "It is so touching and at the same time, looks good.", and many more.

Meanwhile, GOLDEN CHILD is concentrating on its promotional activity of third mini album 'WISH' released on October 24.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= 'official_gncd11' Instagram, 'Golden Child' V LIVE)

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