VIDEO: MXM Will Keep Knocking on Your Door Until You Say Yes!

Nov 16, 2018

VIDEO: MXM Will Keep Knocking on Your Door Until You Say Yes!
K-pop boy group MXM dominated the stage with its irresistible charm.

On November 13 episode of SBS MTV 'The Show', MXM walked the audience through the true meaning of sophisticated sexy with its performance.
MXMThis album's title track 'KNOCK KNOCK' already garnered a tremendous attention back in August when it was released as one of the tracks of its first full album 'MORE THAN EVER'.
MXMBut the problem was, the fans had no other ways to enjoy this song other than just listening to it over and over again since it was not a title track back then.
MXMFortunately, the fans were able to see MXM performing 'KNOCK KNOCK' on stage within a few months time because MXM decided to release a remix version of the song and made it a title track of its special single album released on November 7.
MXMAlso, it appears that in those three months working on its next album, the members of MXM not only succeeded in taking its track to the next level with the help of DJ TAK but also found the perfect way to present the song to the public.

Make sure to check out the video below and have a taste of the most hypnotizing serenade in the world!

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= SBS MTV The Show)

(SBS Star)