Wanna One Members' Special Gifts to Their Parents After Debut

Nov 16, 2018

Wanna One Members' Special Gifts to Their Parents After Debut
The members of K-pop boy group Wanna One revealed the list of things they gave their parents starting from credit card to a house.

On November 15 episode of KBS' talk show 'Happy Together 4', eleven members of Wanna One joined as guests.
Wanna OneYoon Ji Sung said, "After I got my first paycheck, I made my mom a credit card. Ong Seong Wu said that he feels proud and thinks it's kind of cute when his mom uses his credit card every once in a while to buy stuff that cost around 5,000 won (approxiamately 5 dollars). But my mom goes on a shopping spree."
Wanna OneHe added, "Starting from Seoul to Gyeonggi-do, she shops everywhere. I didn't know she was into luxury brands. She spends like 3 million won (approximately 26,612 dollars) at once. She cut my credit card after I told her to go easy on it. So I got her a new one. She apologized."
Wanna OneYoon Ji Sung continued, "But I realized that she couldn't do all that because she had to raise us. Then, I felt sorry for taking such a long time. Now she can buy whatever she wants."
Wanna OneOng Seong Wu said, "In our old house, my parents didn't have enough room to put the bed in their bedroom. So, I bought my parents a house. But they still sleep on the floor even though we have enough space now. But later, I talked them into buying a new bed."
Wanna OneWhilst talking about houses, Kang Daniel chimed in and said, "I got too excited and said I bought my parents a house. I mean I did, but technically it was a lease. Our old house was kind of small, but we moved to a bigger house."

After hearing what the members of Wanna One have done for their parents, one of the host said, "They must've loved it."
Wanna OneKang Daniel added, "My goal next year is to move to a bigger house."

Meanwhile, Wanna One will return to the stage on November 19 with its first and last full album '1¹¹=1 (POWER OF DESTINY)' .

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= KBS Happy Together 4)

(SBS Star)