EXO CHANYEOL's Sweet Gesture to Comfort His Fan in Tears

Nov 16, 2018

EXO CHANYEOL's Sweet Gesture to Comfort His Fan in Tears
K-pop boy group EXO member CHANYEOL's sweet gesture during the group's recent fan signing event garnered attention online.

Upon the release of EXO's fifth full album 'DON'T MESS UP MY TEMPO', the group held a fan signing event on November 10 in Samsung-dong, Seoul.
EXOAmong 100 lucky fans who joined the exclusive event, there was a fan who could not stop bursting into tears of joy.

According to her, she was so nervous to say anything to EXO members.
EXOThen, CHANYEOL noticed her and decided to sit right next to her when they were taking a group photo together.
EXOThe fan said, "When the members came down from stage to take a photo together with fans, CHANYEOL came up to me and sat right next to me."

She added that CHANYEOL made a heart sign together and even did a high-five with her.

After this sweet interaction of CHANYEOL and the fan went viral, fans commented, "CHANYEOL is a real-life angel. How thoughtful!", "True gentleman! This is so sweet.", and many more.
EXOMeanwhile, EXO is currently busy promoting with the group's title track 'Tempo'. 

(Credit= 'weareoneEXO' 'baekhyunee_1992' Twitter)

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