B1A4 JINYOUNG Surprises His Fans with a Meaningful Gift!

Nov 16, 2018

B1A4 JINYOUNG Surprises His Fans with a Meaningful Gift!
K-pop boy group B1A4 member/actor JINYOUNG has a unique way of celebrating his birthday.

On November 16, JINYOUNG's management agency Link 8 Entertainment stated that JINYOUNG will release a new track 'You Are' (literal translation) on his birthday, November 18, and the fans would be able to enjoy his song free of charge.
JINYOUNGThe track 'You Are' is an acoustic ballad song full of romantic vibes, and JINYOUNG tried to describe a delicate feeling between lovers using a beautiful piano and guitar melody.

According to the agency, JINYOUNG participated in every part of the process starting from writing the lyrics to composing a song, and editing it.
JINYOUNGAlso, he sang all the chorus in the track and recorded the whistle sound at the beginning and the end of the song.

JINYOUNG said, "I made this song for my fans who always believed in me and supported me. If anyone could send the message of love with this song, I would be delighted."
JINYOUNGHe added, "I decided to release this track on November 18 to celebrate my birthday and reciprocate all the love that I've received. I hope that many people could enjoy and cherish this song."

Back in September, JINYOUNG already unveiled his track 'You Are' at his first solo fan meeting 'JINYOUNG, FLY MORE'.

JINYOUNG's upcoming track 'You Are' is scheduled to be distributed through his social media account, official website, and the social media account of Link 8 Entertainment.
JINYOUNGAlso, the music video of 'You Are' will be released through Link 8 Entertainment's social media account and a live broadcast platform.

Meanwhile, JINYOUNG recently accepted a role in Netflix original series 'Because This Is My First Love' (tentative title) which will be aired next year.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= Link 8 Entertainment, 'jinyoung0423' Instagram)

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