EXO D.O. Explains How He Got into Tap Dance and North Korean Language

Nov 16, 2018

EXO D.O. Explains How He Got into Tap Dance and North Korean Language
K-pop boy group EXO's member/actor D.O. found two new hobbies while filming a movie.

On November 12, the production team of the film 'Swing Kids' held press conference at SMTOWN COEX Artium in Samseong-dong, Seoul.
D.O.According to the production team, 'Swing Kids' will cover the story of the prisoners of war who were captured in prison camp in Geoje, but still managed to pursue their passion for dance during the Korean War.

Starting from 'Ro Ki-soo', a North Korean soldier and the biggest trouble maker in prison camp, to 'Yang Pan-rye', an interpreter who could speak four languages but have no license, and 'Kang Byeong-sam' who joined the dance troupe to find his wife, each member of the dance troupe has a different backstory but has one thing in common―a strong passion for dance.
Swing KidsWhile talking about the film, D.O. said, "When learning how to tap dance, I felt like I was learning a new instrument since the dance moves were so different from the choreography that learned to perform on stage."

He added, "At first, I felt like I had two left feet but later on I got to enjoy the process because the tap dance itself was quite fun."
Swing KidsHowever, when he finished learning tap dance for six months, another challenge was waiting for him.

D.O. continued, "Learning North Korean language was also hard at first, but it turns out that our intonation and theirs had a lot in common. I had a blast acting in North Korean language since it was kind of similar to Gangwon dialect."
Swing KidsMeanwhile, EXO is currently focusing on its promotional activity of its fifth mini album 'DON'T MESS UP MY TEMPO' released on November 2.

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