YG Ent. Discloses How Much They Spend on Each Top-level Trainee Per Year

Nov 19, 2018

YG Ent. Discloses How Much They Spend on Each Top-level Trainee Per Year
YG Entertainment, one of the major entertainment management agencies in Korea, revealed how much they spend on each top-level trainee per year.

On November 16 episode of YG Entertainment's new survival show 'YG Treasure Box', an employee at YG Entertainment revealed a rough amount of money that the company spends on their highest-ranked trainees each year.

On this day, YG Entertainment introduced trainees in the group 'Treasure A', which consists of seven top-level male trainees who have been training at YG Entertainment in average of four years.YG Treasure BoxAbout these trainees, a member of YG Entertainment's trainee recruiting team commented, "They typically live in our dorms, and spend the majority of their time practicing in the company building."

She went on, "Including all the minor expenses, such as food and transportation, YG spends over 100 million won (approximately 89,000 dollars) on each of them per year."YG Treasure BoxYG Treasure BoxAccording to the show, 'Treasure A' trainees receive lessons in vocal, dance, Japanese, English, discussion, acting, and physical training, which are all exclusive privileges to this group only.YG Treasure BoxThrough 'YG Treasure Box', YG Entertainment intends to produce a unique rookie group out of 29 contestants that will shake the world in 2019.

Meanwhile, 'YG Treasure Box' airs at 10PM KST on NAVER V LIVE every Friday.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'YGTreasureBox' NAVER V LIVE)

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