VIDEO: Yook Sungjae Sweats as Shin Dong-yup Says, "I Saw You with Your Girlfriend Before"

Nov 19, 2018

VIDEO: Yook Sungjae Sweats as Shin Dong-yup Says, "I Saw You with Your Girlfriend Before"
K-pop boy group BTOB's member Yook Sungjae was spotted getting sweaty as entertainer Shin Dong-yup said he saw Yook Sungjae with his girlfriend in the past.

On November 18 episode of SBS 'Master in the House', Shin Dong-yup made Yook Sungjae go all nervous with his words.

In this episode, the cast of 'Master in the House'―Lee Sang Yun, Yook Sungjae, Lee Seung Gi, and Yang Se-hyung sat around to find out about their new master.Master in the HouseMaster in the HouseTo get some ideas about their unknown new master, the production team called Shin Dong-yup so that he could give them some hints.

As the cast members were not aware of who they were connected on the phone, Shin Dong-yup started off the conversation by saying, "I know all four of you very well."

He said, "I've personally hung out with Se-hyung and Seung Gi a lot. Actually, I don't know if I should say this here, but I've seen Sungjae with his girlfriend in 2016."Master in the HouseShin Dong-yup completely shocked Yook Sungjae, and the other three cast members started laughing out loud.

Then, Shin Dong-yup commented, "I mean, is it weird that he was with his girlfriend?"Master in the HouseYook Sungjae explained, "Oh, I was filming 'We Got Married' in 2016!"

However, Lee Seung Gi said, "Okay, whatever. We'll just say that." 

Shin Dong Yup playfully responded, "True. He was filming 'We Got Married', and you know, there is a K-pop girl group called 'GFRIEND' (which reads the same as the word 'girlfriend' in Korean). Also, I've seen Sungjae with Red Velvet and TWICE in 2017 as well, so..."

The truth still remains with Yook Sungjae and Shin Dong-yup, but Shin Dong-yup certainly surprised many and caused them laughs.

Meanwhile, BTOB released a new song 'Friend' on October 23, which the group had recorded before Seo Eunkwang enlisted.

(Lee Narin, Credit= SBS Master in the House)

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