EXID HANI Wows the Public with Her Fluent English While Traveling!

Nov 19, 2018

EXID HANI Wows the Public with Her Fluent English While Traveling!
K-pop girl group EXID's member HANI once again impressed everyone with her intelligence.

On November 17 episode of tvN's variety show 'Salty Tour', Korean singer Kim Jong-min took the entire guests and the hosts of the show to a restaurant in Prague based on Cho Seungyoen's advice, the renowned Korean writer and a traveler.EXIDThe restaurant provided a perfect opportunity for them to have a taste of traditional Czech dish since the place served various kinds of Czech cuisine starting from koleno to tartare and bramboracka.
EXIDWhilst browsing through the menu, HANI not only ordered dishes for the cast in fluent English, but also taught them how to say cheers in Czech.
EXIDAfterwards, the entire cast expressed gratitude to HANI, since without her help, the waiters could not have gotten their order right, and they would have missed out on an opportunity to learn a new, and fun Czech expression.
EXIDWhen the drinks they ordered came out later, the hosts and the guests of the show grabbed their beer and said "Na zdravi" altogether, a phrase that means "for your health" in Czech.
EXIDWhilst enjoying their dinner, one of the host Park Myung-soo said, "Jong-min, this is so good. You've won." and Jung Joon Young added, "What would we do without HANI?" and thanked her.

Meanwhile, EXID is planning on making its comeback on November 21 after a two-year-long hiatus.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= tvN Salty Tour)

(SBS Star)