Wanna One Says It Is "Bittersweet" to Release Its Final Album

Nov 20, 2018

Wanna One Says It Is "Bittersweet" to Release Its Final Album
K-pop project boy group Wanna One returned with its first and very last full album '1¹¹=1(POWER OF DESTINY)'.

Wanna One, comprised of 11 finalists of Mnet's survival audition program 'Produce 101 Season 2', kicked off its activities in August 2017 with its deadline set on December 31, 2018.

With mixed emotions, the members recalled their beautiful memories as Wanna One, which brought the 11 boys from darkness to limelight.

During the press conference held on November 19, Kang Daniel said, "It feels bittersweet. It feels good and sad at the same time. It's complicated."
Wanna OnePark Ji Hoon said, "We couldn't have come this far without incessant support from Wannable (Wanna One's fan club). I would like to express my gratitude for all those who like us."
Wanna OneKim Jae Hwan added, "It was such a delightful journey. We had so many challenges, and I have no regrets. At this moment, I wish I could solely focus on how we will try harder for our future stages."

The newly-released album, '1¹¹=1(POWER OF DESTINY)', holds 11 tracks that beautifully narrates the members' musical journey for the past one and a half years, and their strong will to overcome sorrow and fear of disbandment.
Wanna OneThe album is led by the title track 'Spring Breeze', an alternative dance track with synth-pop elements, guitar and percussion sounds.

The emotional lyrics represent the 11 members' mixed feelings toward their upcoming farewell, but it also hints that the group's disbandment will not be their eternal goodbye.
Wanna OneKang Daniel said, "The process of preparing for this album was like running a marathon. It really feels like we are now running past a water station, and gearing up for our one last sprint. We will run faster and harder for our epic stages."

You can watch 'Spring Breeze' music video below.

(Credit= Baik Seung-chul/SBS funE, 'Stone Music Entertainment' YouTube)

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