Lee Jong Suk Captivates Asia with His Fan Meeting Tour

Nov 20, 2018

Lee Jong Suk Captivates Asia with His Fan Meeting Tour
Actor Lee Jong Suk finally finished his three-month-long fan meeting tour.

On November 18, Lee Jong Suk visited the Philippines on the last leg of his 'Crank Up' fan meeting tour held at Smart Araneta Coliseum, Manila.
Lee Jong SukLee Jong Suk kicked off his 'Crank Up' tour back in August, and hold seven fan meetings in six countries including Korea, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

This year, Lee Jong Suk gained explosive popularity in the Philippines thanks to SBS' drama 'While You Were Sleeping'.

More than a thousand fans showed up at the airport on the day of Lee Jong Suk's arrival, and numerous fans who failed to get the ticket showed up at the fan meeting venue early in the morning wishing they could get in.
Lee Jong SukThe fans were over the moon when they heard the news that Lee Jong Suk decided not to cancel his next fan meeting in the Philippines since the incident that happened in Indonesia earlier this month worried many of his fans.

At the beginning of his fan meeting, Lee Jong Suk made his fans go wild by saying, "From the beginning, I've been wondering why did it took so long for me come to the Philippines?"

He added, "I'm so glad that this is my last fan meeting. I think I can go back home with a bunch of good memories."
Lee Jong SukDuring the fan meeting, Lee Jong Suk talked about his favorite scenes and the lines from his previous work and went over the dramas that he did in his 20s.

All of his fans were deeply moved when Lee Jong Suk sincerely expressed his gratitude after receiving a little bracelet from a young fan who cried before him.

Also, starting from singing to playing the piano, Lee Jong Suk showed off numerous charms that he did not have a chance to show it on screen and TV.
Lee Jong SukLater on, Lee Jong Suk shared the details of his next projects and raised expectations towards his upcoming dramas―'He Hymn Of Death' and 'Romance Is a Supplement' (literal title).

Whilst wrapping up his fan meeting, Lee Jong Suk said, "This is the last stop of my fan meeting. In fact, lots of things happened before I got here. I was a bit worried if something bad would happen again, but my desire to come here was bigger than my worries."

He continued, "And now that I'm here, I'm glad that I did this. I will never forget the love that I've received today and I hope you guys could stay happy till the day we meet again. With all my heart, I love you."

Meanwhile, his upcoming SBS' drama 'He Hymn Of Death' is scheduled to be aired on November 27.

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