EXO Members Share How They Saved Each Other's Phone Number

Nov 20, 2018

EXO Members Share How They Saved Each Other's Phone Number
The members of K-pop boy group EXO revealed how they saved each member's number in their phone.

On November 18, EXO's SUHO, CHANYEOL, KAI, D.O., BAEKHYUN, CHEN, and XIUMIN held an online live broadcast '!t Live' to meet and greet their fans.
EXO !t LiveDuring the hour-long broadcast where the members casually interact with their fans, EXO members were asked to answer questions that fans are curious about.

A fan asked, "How do the members save each other's number on their phone?"
EXO !t LiveCHANYEOL said, "KAI still asks 'Who are you?' when I call. Then I say 'It's hyung', and he still asks 'Who?'," and made everyone burst into laughter.

CHEN said, "I save them 'Kyungsoo', 'Junmyeon-ee Hyung', 'Jongin-ee', 'Chanyeol-ee' (the members' real names)."
EXO !t LiveSUHO said, "I put 'Our' in front of their names," while BAEKHYUN said, "For me it's all nicknames."

Then CHANYEOL said, "'Minseok-ee Hyung', 'CHEN', 'Baekhyun-ee', (purposely skipped KAI), 'Super Leader Hyung' (for SUHO), 'D.O.', 'Sehun-ee'.

D.O. said, "For me it's like 'Kim Minseok Hyung', 'Kim Jongdae', 'Byun Baekhyun', 'Kim Jongin', 'Kim Junmyeon Hyung', 'Oh Sehun'."
EXO !t LiveLastly, KAI said, "It's 'Kyungsoo Hyung', 'Junmyeon Hyung', 'Baekhyun Hyung', 'Jongdae Hyung', 'Minseok Hyung', and 'Unknown' (for CHANYEOL)."

Meanwhile, EXO recently wrapped up its fifth full album 'DON'T MESS UP MY TEMPO' promotions with the title track 'Tempo'.

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