SM Entertainment to Hold a Charity Gala to Help out Children in Vietnam

Nov 20, 2018

SM Entertainment to Hold a Charity Gala to Help out Children in Vietnam
SM Entertainment, one of the major entertainment agencies in Korea, is constantly making an effort to make the world a better place.

On November 19, SM Entertainment held its 4th charity gala 'SMTOWN GALA CHARITY NIGHT 2018' at SMT SEOUL with UNICEF Korea and Vogue Korea.

On this day, more than 80 guests made appearance at the gala including Lee Soo-man, the head of SM Entertainment, Lee Ki-cheol, the secretary general of UNICEF Korea, and Park Seo-won, the CEO of Doosan Magazine.
Lee Soo-manDuring his opening address, Lee Soo-man said, "We are trying our best to reciprocate the love we've received through good music, good contents, and good artists."

He added, "We launched 'SMile' with our artists and staffs back in 2014, and with that campaign, we've been constantly making an effort to achieve our goal through volunteering and talent donation."
SM Entertainment's artists and staffsLee Soo-man continued, "We'll do our best to be the light of this world through our good music and good contents."

'SMile for U' campaign is a product of a collaboration between SM Entertainment and UNICEF that aims to provide a better music education for children.
SM Entertainment's artists and staffsAfter Lee Soo-man's speech, Choi Si-won of Super Junior also shared his own experience with the campaign and explained what it was like to visit Vietnam and be a part of 'SMile for U' campaign.

According to SM Entertainment, the money they raised through the charity gala will be used to purchase musical instruments, training music teachers, and developing music education program for the children in Vietnam.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= 'smtown' Instagram)

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