Park Bo Gum Melts His Fans' Heart While Talking to a Little Girl

Nov 20, 2018

Park Bo Gum Melts His Fans' Heart While Talking to a Little Girl
Korean actor Park Bo Gum seems like he would make a great father someday.

Recently, a short clip of Park Bo Gum talking to his fan at his fan signing event garnered a lot of attention online.

Back in 2016, Park Bo Gum attended a fan signing event to promote a clothing brand and to communicate with his fans.
SONGHYEKYOOn this day, many of his fans showed up to see Park Bo Gum in person.

Among his fans, there was an adorable little girl who seemed like she was not old enough to go to an elementary school.
SONGHYEKYOWhen that girl stood in front of Park Bo Gum, every other fans at the site could not help but scream internally since the way he looked at her was dangerously sweet.

Ever since the minute Park Bo Gum noticed her, he couldn't stop smiling and couldn't take his eyes off of her.
SONGHYEKYOPark Bo Gum started the conversation by saying, "Did you eat?", and when she answered, he looked like he had a heart attack because of her cuteness and tried to keep talking to her.

After this video of Park Bo Gum went viral, fans commented, "That's so sweet", "I'm so jelly, I'm jam.", "Love the way he looks at her!", and many more.

Meanwhile, Park Bo Gum's new drama 'Encounter' is scheduled to unveil its first episode on November 28.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= 'bogummy_cool' Instagram)

(SBS Star)