VIDEO: iKON Makes All Fans at 'SBS Super Concert' Tear Up with Sad Songs

Nov 21, 2018

VIDEO: iKON Makes All Fans at 'SBS Super Concert' Tear Up with Sad Songs
It honestly seems like iKON is the K-pop boy group who can pull off sentimental hip-hop tracks the best.

On October 14, iKON attended 'SBS Super Concert', which was held at Suwon World Cup Stadium.

On this day, iKON performed two of its latest title tracks 'LOVE SCENARIO' and 'GOODBYE ROAD'.
iKONFirst, iKON performed its mega-hit track 'LOVE SCENARIO'.

Although 'LOVE SCENARIO' was released in the beginning of the year, it is a song that is still loved by many until this day.

'LOVE SCENARIO' mixes iKON's usual hip-hop style with mellow and soft sounds, and describes the last page of a relationship when it is time to let go of each other without thinking about bad memories.

For the choreography, it does not call for an intense routine, which is perfectly fits the overall vibe of the song.

Afterwards, another one of iKON's breakup song 'GOODBYE ROAD' was performed.

'GOODBYE ROAD' features beautiful orchestra and acoustic guitar sounds, and the great harmony of the vocals and raps.

In the lyrics, a guy calmly says final goodbye to his lover even though he feels heartbroken.

iKON sadly says, "If I had known that there was the end of us, I would have not let myself love you that much.", "Goodbye, have a safe journey. When you walk on that 'goodbye road', forget about me. I hope you will only walk on the 'flower road' after leaving me.", and so on.

Watch iKON deliver its sorrow to the audience at 'SBS Super Concert' above.

(Lee Narin, Credit= SBS Super Concert)

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