E'DAWN ♥ HyunA Talk About Each Other's Charms During a Live Broadcast

Nov 21, 2018

E'DAWN ♥ HyunA Talk About Each Other's Charms During a Live Broadcast
K-pop artists E'DAWN and HyunA revealed what they think of each other's charms are.

On November 20, E'DAWN and HyunA held a live broadcast using social media.

The live broadcast showed E'DAWN and HyunA sitting in the back of a car, on their way to a vintage clothing store. E'DAWN and HyunADuring the live broadcast, HyunA asked E'DAWN, "What are HyunA's charms? Tell me five different charms that she has."

E'DAWN hesitated to say anything, but HyunA insisted on telling her.

A few moments later, E'DAWN said, "You have big eyes, and you eat well. There are just too many."

As E'DAWN paused for long afterwards, HyunA lightly punched his arm.

With a laugh, E'DAWN playfully said, "Her punch is powerful, she knows how to kick, and has strong teeth."E'DAWNTo this, HyunA responded, "I was going to say what your charms are if you properly said what mine are."

Then, E'DAWN asked, "What are they?", HyunA answered, "You look ugly but cute, are hot when you are working, and kind. I won't say more than three today."HyunABack in August, HyunA and E'DAWN personally told the media that they have been in a relationship for two years.

HyunA and E'DAWN's statement caused some conflicts between them and their management agency CUBE Entertainment, and they both recently left the agency.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'hyunah_aa' 'hyojong_1994' Instagram)

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