Yu Jae Seok Makes Donation to Coal Briquette Bank Six Years in a Row

Nov 21, 2018

Yu Jae Seok Makes Donation to Coal Briquette Bank Six Years in a Row
Korean entertainer Yu Jae Seok moved the public with another good deed.

On November 20, Babsang Coal Briquette Bank stated, "On November 17, Yu Jae Seok donated 71,500 coal briquettes which worth 50 million won (approximately 44,163 dollars)."
Yu Jae SeokThe organization added, "This is the second time for him to make a donation to our organization this year, including the one he made in February. Ever since we met in 2013 through MBC's variety show 'Infinite Challenge', he has been sponsoring us for six years."
Yu Jae SeokCoal Briquette Bank continued, "His donation meant a lot to us and couldn't have come at a better time since the recession and the increased unemployment rate lowered the donation by 30%. With his help, we distributed 130 to 150 coal briquettes each to 511 households."

According to Coal Briquette Bank, Yu Jae Seok has continuously been making donations two times a year.
Yu Jae SeokThe organization also revealed, "When Yu Jae Seok made donation this year, he sent the money to our bank account without anyone knowing as always. He didn't want anybody else to find out about his donation. He was always humble and tried to serve others."

Coal Briquette Bank added, "The elderly and other households expressed their gratitude and called it a 'Gold Briquette'. We decided to write this because we wanted to deliver their message to Yu Jae Seok."
Yu Jae SeokThe organization continued, "Yu Jae Seok has donated 380 million won (approximately 336,018 dollars) up until now, and we were able to distribute 653,020 coal briquettes to 4,427 households thanks to his donation."

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