VIDEO: Watch SEVENTEEN's Energetic 'CLAP' & Adorable 'Oh My!'

Nov 21, 2018

VIDEO: Watch SEVENTEEN's Energetic 'CLAP' & Adorable 'Oh My!'
K-pop boy group SEVENTEEN showed off its endless energy as well as cuteness during its performance at 'SBS Super Concert'.

On October 14, SEVENTEEN performed 'CLAP' and 'Oh My!' at 'SBS Super Concert', which took place at Suwon World Cup Stadium.
SEVENTEENFirst, SEVENTEEN performed the title track 'CLAP' from the group's second full album 'TEEN, AGE' that was released on November 6, 2017.

'CLAP' is a pop-rock track with upbeat and clap-infused beats that create exciting vibes throughout the song.

The performance attracts the audience's attention right from the beginning of the song with eye-catching 'clapping' dance moves.

Unlike most of SEVENTEEN's previous title tracks such as 'Adore U', 'Pretty U', and 'Don't Wanna Cry', this song greatly presents each member's charisma.

Afterwards, SEVENTEEN demonstrated its adorable side by performing 'Oh My!'.

In contrast to 'CLAP', 'Oh My!' is full of playful and tropical sounds that brighten up your mood.

The lyrics describe a helpless situation in the first stages of love when a person keeps thinking about that one person he/she loves.

With its bright and cute performance, SEVENTEEN filled the stadium with floating happiness.

Get ready to fall for SEVENTEEN!

(Lee Narin, Credit= SBS Super Concert)

(SBS Star)