Park Hae Jin Reportedly Have Been Absent for 20 Days from Filming His Upcoming Drama

Nov 21, 2018

Park Hae Jin Reportedly Have Been Absent for 20 Days from Filming His Upcoming Drama
It seems like the upcoming drama 'Four Men' is facing another difficulty resuming its production.

On November 21, the drama's production company Victory Contents issued a statement and argued that Park Hae Jin caused some setbacks by not showing up at the filming site of the drama.
Park Hae JinVictory Contents stated, "We had no choice but to issue a statement since we were not able to get in touch with Park Hae Jin's agency. We've utilized every method including phone call, message, and e-mail, but we couldn't receive any response."

The company also pointed out that the unwanted intervention by his agency's CEO has caused a severe problem at the filming site and making things difficult for the team to proceed the shoot.
Park Hae JinBack in May, the filming process of 'Four Men' was halted for a while because the production team failed to pay wages on time.

However, after they renegotiated the terms and managed to get an agreement from the cast that they will participate in the filming process until October 31, the production team resumed the shoot on August 31.
Park Hae JinBut the delay caused during the process made the cast work past the deadline, and Park Hae Jin decided not to show up at the filming site of 'Four Men' as of November 1, based on the previous agreement.
Park Hae JinThe future of 'Four Men' is still in question since the production team cannot proceed the filming process without its male protagonist Park Hae Jin.

Meanwhile, 'Four Men' is a mystery-romance drama which will cover the story of one man who gets involved in a bigger conspiracy in the process of investigating his mother's suspicious death.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= Victory Contents, Mountain Movement Story, Mountain Movement)

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