Funny Moments When TWICE Members Unintentionally Broke MINA's Heart

Nov 21, 2018

Funny Moments When TWICE Members Unintentionally Broke MINA's Heart
The members of K-pop girl group TWICE may need to start paying more attention to their fellow member MINA.

Recently, it was discovered that MINA not only once, but repeatedly broke her own heart and even embarrassed herself due to the other members of TWICE.

These moments of TWICE members unintentionally breaking MINA's heart are so adorable and hilarious that they are making fans laugh until they start crying.

1. MINA wanted to speak using the microphone in JIHYO's hand, but she failed to get the microphone.
MINA2. MINA wanted to play with the basketball too, but CHAEYOUNG continued holding it in her hands.
MINA3. MINA wanted to high-five NAYEON as well, but NAYEON failed to notice her.
MINA4. MINA wanted to try some free-sample food as well, but there was none for her.
MINA5. MINA asked for a kiss on the cheek to NAYEON, but NAYEON failed to notice her hand pointing at her cheek.
MINA6. MINA wanted CHAEYOUNG to put a sticker on her face, but CHAEYOUNG already had turned around.
MINA7. MINA wanted to make a big heart with CHAEYOUNG, but she was making one with JIHYO before her.
MINA8. MINA wanted someone to hold her hand so that she could get up more easily, but no one noticed her arm reaching out.MINAAfter seeing these images online, fans commented, "Awww poor MINA! This is heartbreaking, but why can't I stop myself from laughing?", "So funny! What a cute compilation! Girls, do take care of MINA though! It looks like she needs more attention!", "Hahahaha here is another reason why MINA is my ultimate bias! Thank you for sharing, this totally made my day! ", and so on.

Meanwhile, TWICE released its sixth mini album 'YES or YES' with the title track of the same name on November 5.

(Lee Narin, Credit= Online Community, 'JYPETWICE' Facebook)

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