Shin Sae Kyeong Shows off Her Beauty in a Blue Beret!

Nov 22, 2018

Shin Sae Kyeong Shows off Her Beauty in a Blue Beret!
Actress Shin Sae Kyeong returned to small screen with a variety show.

On November 21 episode of tvN and OLIVE's variety show 'Pocha Beyond Borders', the cast of the show opened their first branch in Paris.
Shin Sae KyeongOn this day, Shin Sae Kyeong cooked an egg roll for two Argentinian ladies.

Shin Sae Kyeong first went over the tips that she learned from the chef before she came to Paris, and thoroughly followed the steps to make a perfect egg roll.
Shin Sae KyeongHowever, what caught the eyes of the public was not her perfectly-cooked egg roll, but her looks.

Shin Sae Kyeong looked absolutely beautiful even though she was only wearing light make up.
Shin Sae KyeongHer long and thick eyelashes and perfectly-shaped nose made the viewers feel like as if they are watching a fine work of art.
Shin Sae KyeongAfter the episode, fans commented, "I was busy looking at her face.", "She always looks flawless.", "She should wear that beret for life. It suits her.", and so on.

Meanwhile, 'Pocha Beyond Borders' is a variety show that features celebrities running a pocha (pojangmacha, food truck that serves alcohol) in three cities in Europe; including Paris, Deauville, and Copenhagen.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= tvN·OLIVE Pocha Beyond Borders)

(SBS Star)