Park Shin Hye & FTISLAND Lee Hong Gi Enjoy Bowling Together

Nov 22, 2018

Park Shin Hye & FTISLAND Lee Hong Gi Enjoy Bowling Together
Korean actress Park Shin Hye and K-pop boy group FTISLAND's member Lee Hong Gi were spotted hanging out together.

On November 22, Lee Hong Gi shared two pictures of himself with Park Shin Hye on his social media account.Park Shin Hye and Lee Hong GiIn the pictures, Park Shin Hye and Lee Hong Gi are at a bowling alley making playful poses with two other friends.

It looks like they are having a short break after a few bowling matches.

Under these pictures, Lee Hong Gi commented, "Met for the first time in a while. Relieving stress."Park Shin Hye and Lee Hong GiLee Hong Gi and Park Shin Hye are widely-known to be good friends, frequently being spotted hanging out with each other.

The two stars became close when they both starred in a mega-hit drama 'You're Beautiful' in 2009.

Nine years have already passed since they first got to know one another, but their friendship seem just as strong as the time back then.You're BeautifulMeanwhile, Park Shin Hye's upcoming drama 'Memories of the Alhambra' will be unveiled on December 1, and Lee Hong Gi released his second mini album 'Do n Do' on October 18.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'skullhong12' Instagram, SBS You're Beautiful)

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