If Kang Daniel Had a Daughter, He Says He Wants Her to Marry Hwang Min Hyun

Nov 22, 2018

If Kang Daniel Had a Daughter, He Says He Wants Her to Marry Hwang Min Hyun
K-pop boy group Wanna One's member Kang Daniel chose Hwang Min Hyun as the member who he would want his daughter to marry if he had one.

On November 21 episode of olleh tv mobile's talk show 'Amigo TV Season 4', Wanna One made a guest appearance.Wanna OneDuring the show, the members of Wanna One played a TMI game in which they had to answer as many questions as possible within a minute.

In this game, Kang Daniel managed to answer 14 random questions about himself and his fellow members.

Out of these 14 questions, Kang Daniel shouted out Hwang Min Hyun's name to three different questions below.

1. Which member's photo card do you want the most?

2. Which member do you feel the most grateful to?

3. Which member do you think can easily win the hearts of parents-in-law?

Wanna OneAt the end of Kang Daniel's TMI game, Ha Sung Woon asked, "Why do you thank Min Hyun the most? Also, why do you think he can easily win the hearts of parents-in-laws?"

Kang Daniel responded, "Min Hyun has taken great care of me. And he has the kind of look that my mom likes."Wanna OneThen, Lee Dae Hwi commented, "I agree. Wouldn't Min Hyun make the best son-in-law? If I had a daughter about the same age as him, I would totally want my daughter to marry him."

Kang Daniel nodded and said, "Yeah, I feel exactly the same."Wanna OneAfter hearing Kang Daniel and Lee Dae Hwi, Hwang Min Hyun hid behind Park Woo Jin in embarrassment and shyly laughed.Wanna OneMeanwhile, Wanna One released its first and very last full album '1¹¹=1(POWER OF DESTINY)' with the title track 'Spring Breeze' on November 19.

(Lee Narin, Credit= olleh tv mobile Amigo TV Season 4, 'WannaOne.official' Facebook)

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