IU Apologizes as Her Manager Says He Thinks He Looks Like Kang Daniel

Nov 23, 2018

IU Apologizes as Her Manager Says He Thinks He Looks Like Kang Daniel
K-pop artist IU made everyone burst into laughter as she pleaded editing out the part where her manager said, "I look like Kang Daniel."

Recently, IU's management agency Kakao M uploaded a behind-the-scenes video of IU preparing her concert 'dlwlrma'.

While taking a break outside, IU spotted her manager who just had his hair done.

IU said, "Oppa, you look like a member of a K-pop group."IUThen, the camera operator asked the manager, "You said that you look like someone earlier. Who was that?"

IU's manager answered, "Kang Daniel."

As soon as IU heard his response, her eyes widened and quickly said, "Can you please edit this out? Please, I beg you. Hanteo (the name of IU's manager) is a good guy."

Another IU's staff added, "Please don't let him die!"

IU went on, "Let me apologize for Hanteo. I'm so sorry."IUIUAfter making multiple apologies, IU walked up to her manager and said, "What are you doing? Stand in front of the camera and apologize! Come on!"

IU's manager repeatedly bowed in apology and said, "I love Wanna One. I also really like Kang Daniel."
IUAs their cute and funny reaction began going around online, it reached Wanna One fans.

They commented, "This is hilarious! No worries, we are not going to kill him!", "Still laughing at IU's initial reaction! Can't get over how shocked she looked.", "We aren't offended at all! It only makes me smile to see you and your manager getting along so well, IU.", and so on.

Meanwhile, IU is planned to continue 'dlwlrma' in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand in December.

(Lee Narin, Credit= '1theK' YouTube, 'WannaOne.official' Facebook)

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