Yu Jae Seok Reveals He Still Feels Awkward with Song Ji-hyo Time to Time

Nov 23, 2018

Yu Jae Seok Reveals He Still Feels Awkward with Song Ji-hyo Time to Time
Korean entertainer Yu Jae Seok confessed that he still feels awkward with actress Song Ji-hyo even though they have known each other for a long time.

On November 22 episode of KBS' talk show 'Happy Together 4', Yu Jae Seok mentioned Song Ji-hyo's shy personality.Happy Together 4As one of the guests entertainer Kwon Hyeok Soo is known to be a person who can become instantly close with people, a host Jeon Hyun Moo said, "Hyeok Soo is one amazing guy. Hyeok Soo, I heard that it only took you five minutes to become close to Ji-hyo."Happy Together 4Kwon Hyeok Soo responded, "Yeah, that's right. Only about five minutes after meeting Ji-hyo for the first time, she said, 'You have lots of alcoholic drinks at home, right? I'll go and visit you some time.' She really came to my house with some of her friends one day."
Happy Together 4Yu Jae Seok became extremely shocked after hearing this and commented, "Seriously? 'Running Man' members would be shocked to hear this!"

He continued, "I've been working on 'Running Man' with Ji-hyo for years, but I still feel awkward with her every now and then. She's that shy."Happy Together 4Jeon Hyun Moo added, "Jae Seok, you remember the time when I guested on 'Running Man'? I felt so awkward sitting next to Ji-hyo in a car! But I could also tell that she was feeling awkward as well, because she looked uncomfortable. She was so shy."Happy Together 4'Running Man' is an internationally-popular variety show by SBS that has been airing since 2010.

Yu Jae Seok and Song Ji-hyo are two of the members who have been on the show since it started broadcasting.

(Lee Narin, Credit= KBS Happy Together 4)

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