Lee Min-jung Tells How She Sensed Lee Byung Hun Was About to Propose to Her

Nov 26, 2018

Lee Min-jung Tells How She Sensed Lee Byung Hun Was About to Propose to Her
Korean actress Lee Min-jung shared how she sensed actor Lee Byung Hun's romantic propose was about to happen.

On November 25 episode of SBS' reality show 'My Little Old Boy', Lee Min-jung joined as a special guest and talked about her married life with Lee Byung Hun.My Little Old BoyWhile talking about whether if Lee Byung Hun still surprised Lee Min-jung, Lee Min-jung commented, "Lee Byung Hun used to surprise me a lot around the time when he was about to propose to me."

Lee Min-jung went on to tell her story, "I could totally tell that he was about to propose to me. On that day, we rented a movie theater and watched Lee Byung Hun's new movie with other family members." Lee Min-jungThe actress laughed and said, "So, he basically had prepared a special video for me at the end of the movie. I'm good at noticing subtle changes as well, but I became aware of it because of this one particular sentence that he kept repeating to me."Lee Min-jungShe continued, "During the movie, Lee Byung Hun told me not to go to the restroom after the movie. Not just once, but three times! That's when I thought to myself, 'There must be a video that he had prepared for me that is to be played at the end of the movie.' He made it too obvious."

Then, the host Shin Dong-yup asked, "Didn't the video still touch your heart, though?"

Lee Min-jung shyly answered, "Yes, I still cried."

Lee Min-jung and Lee Byung Hun got married in August 2013 and their son was born in March 2015.

(Lee Narin, Credit= SBS My Little Old Boy)

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