MINO Makes the Perfect Caricature of WINNER Members

Nov 26, 2018

MINO Makes the Perfect Caricature of WINNER Members
K-pop boy group WINNER's member MINO expressed his love for the other three members of WINNER as well as fans.

On November 23 episode of JTBC's reality show 'Human Intelligence' (literal translation), MINO held a live drawing session with comics artist Kim Jung Gi.

Following the topic of the drawing, MINO drew his past and what he loves the most at the moment.

MINO began drawing his past from his school life when he used to love playing basketball to the time when he performed on the popular hip-hop survival show 'SHOW ME THE MONEY 4' with another boy group BIGBANG's member TAEYANG with the help of Kim Jung Gi. WINNERWINNERWINNERAfterwards, MINO drew his beloved fellow members JINU, YOON, and HOONY's caricature when Kim Jung Gi asked him to draw the things that he currently loved the most.

It seemed like MINO really knew the distinct facial features and characteristics of each member as they were clearly seen in their caricature.WINNERWINNERWINNERMINO also drew a beautiful mermaid at the bottom of the paper, which he explained, "'INNER' from our fan club INNER CIRCLE sounds like a gorgeous 'In-eo' (which means a mermaid in Korean) in the waves of blue (the color of WINNER's official light stick)."WINNERAll his drawings and thoughts already seemed touching, but it also turned out that the drawing of the past were actually drawn in a word 'WINNER' as well.

On this day, MINO and Kim Jung Gi took about four hours to complete the art piece.WINNERMeanwhile, MINO is planned to drop his first solo album 'XX' today at 6PM KST.

(Lee Narin, Credit= Online Community, JTBC Human Intelligence)

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