Park Seo Jun Turns into a Cute Fanboy After Watching Son Heung-Min's Game!

Nov 26, 2018

Park Seo Jun Turns into a Cute Fanboy After Watching Son Heung-Min's Game!
Korean actor Park Seo Jun highly praised Son Heung-min, a Korean professional soccer player who scored an outstanding goal for his team last night―Tottenham Hotspur FC.

On November 25 KST, Son Heung-min scored his first solo goal of the season during 2018-19 English Premier League match at Wembley Stadium, London.

To celebrate his wonder-goal, Son Heung-min posted a picture of himself on his social media account and wrote, "What a night thank you for amazing support!"
Son Heung-MinLater on, Park Seo Jun left a comment on Son Heung-min's social media account, "You were everywhere, Heung Gil-dong. My monitor glowed, Heung Gil-dong."

This comment got more than 1,600 likes in just one hour and garnered a tremendous attention online since his analogy was not only cute but quite clever.
Park Seo JunHeung Gil-dong is a compound word of his name Heung-min and 'Hong Gil-dong', a character from a Korean novel 'Hong Gil-dong jeon' who strove to seek justice using his supernatural abilities.

It seems like the reason Park Seo Jun referred to him as 'Hong Gil-dong' was because the way Son Heung-min dominated the field that day was also quite extraordinary.
Park Seo Jun & Son HeungPreviously, Park Seo Jun dropped a picture of himself taken with Son Heung-min on his social media account and confessed that he is a huge fan of Son Heung-min.

Meanwhile, Park Seo Jun is currently busy filming his upcoming film 'The Divine Fury'.

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