Kim Tae-hee's Brother Lee Wan & Golfer Lee Bomee Are Dating; How About Marriage?

Nov 27, 2018

Kim Tae-hee's Brother Lee Wan & Golfer Lee Bomee Are Dating; How About Marriage?
Korean actor Lee Wan has confirmed his relationship with professional golfer Lee Bomee.

Early in the morning of November 27, a media outlet 'Ilgan Sports' broke the news about Lee Wan and Lee Bomee being in a relationship and that they are thinking of getting married.

The report explained, "Lee Wan and Lee Bomee met through a mutual acquaintance. As they both like playing golf, they quickly became close."Lee Wan and Lee BomeeA few hours later, Lee Wan's representative commented, "It is true that Lee Wan and Lee Bomee are in a relationship. They have begun seeing each other in the beginning of the year."

The representative added, "They are taking their relationship seriously, but they have not planned their marriage in any detail."Lee Wan and Lee BomeeShortly after, Lee Bomee had an interview with 'EDaily' and said, "After meeting for the first time in the spring of 2017, we stayed as friends until the beginning of the year."

Lee Bomee continued, "Then, we started dating in the beginning of the year. We are going to arrange a formal meeting between mine and his family soon. He is a great guy. I would like to thank all fans who showed us their support."Lee Wan and Lee BomeeLee Wan debuted on SBS' hit drama 'Stairway to Heaven' in 2004, and gained attention for being the younger brother of Kim Tae-hee, who is often referred to as the most beautiful actress in Korea.

Having various gold records, Lee Bomee is a star golfer in Korea, and also in Japan where she is currently active.

(Lee Narin, Credit= SBS funE, 'bomee.lee' Instagram, MBC)

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