JBJ95 Kim Sanggyun Receives the Most Shocking Fan Letter of All Time

Nov 27, 2018

JBJ95 Kim Sanggyun Receives the Most Shocking Fan Letter of All Time
K-pop boy duo JBJ95's member Kim Sanggyun became shocked after reading out a letter from a fan.

Recently, one K-pop video channel uploaded a video of JBJ95 KENTA and Kim Sanggyun reading out letters from their fans.

After KENTA was done reading out the first letter, Kim Sanggyun began reading out another letter.

The letter said, "Hi, I'm a Chinese fan, who have been into you for about a year. Right now, I'm married to a Korean man. I actually made my husband upset on our wedding day, because I asked him to vote for you in the survival audition show 'Produce 101 Season 2'."JBJ95The fan continued sharing her story, "When my husband asked me why I like Kim Sanggyun, I showed him the legendary video of you showing the teddy bear aegyo. I'm almost allergic to aegyo, but this was something else."

She went on, "One day, I decided to show my version of the teddy bear aegyo to my husband. But do you know what happened when I showed him my version? He immediately left home and didn't return for ages. So! I want to prove how cute this aegyo is by letting him see the original version of it!"JBJ95Lastly, she said, "You might ask, 'How?' Well, the producer holding the camera in front of you is actually my husband."

Here, Kim Sanggyun looked up, seeming confused and shocked.KIM SANGGYUNKim Sanggyun asked, "Really? Is this for real? Wow. First of all though, I'm so sorry. I just feel like I should say this first."

Then, Kim Sanggyun got up and showed his best version of the teddy bear aegyo.KIM SANGGYUNAs soon as Kim Sanggyun was done, he covered his face in embarrassment and KENTA apologized to the producer on behalf of him.

Kim Sanggyun commented, "I can't believe she mentioned me on her wedding day. I send my apologies to the producer, but I would like to thank the fan for her love."
KIM SANGGYUNMeanwhile, KENTA and Kim Sanggyun made debut as JBJ95 in the end of October after the disbandment of project group JBJ in April.

(Lee Narin, Credit= '떰즈 / Thumbs' YouTube, Online Community)

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