5 Celebrities Who Would Give up Sleep to Play Games!

Nov 27, 2018

5 Celebrities Who Would Give up Sleep to Play Games!
There are five celebrities who cannot keep their hands off of computers despite their hectic schedule.

They love playing games a little too much, and are willing to do anything to take their hobby to the next level even if that means buying an extremely expensive computer, or staying at their house all day.

Let's take a look at each one of these celebrities who hopelessly and irretrievably fell in love with the world of game.

1. Hong Jin Young

When she made appearance at SBS' reality show 'My Little Old Boy', Korean trot singer Hong Jin Young surprised the public with her passion for games.
Hong Jin YoungDuring the episode, she even skipped breakfast to play 'PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS', an online multiplayer battle royale game.
Hong Jin YoungHer love for game turned her into a homebody, and now she has her own channel where she holds live broadcast from time to time.

2. IZ*ONE Miyawaki Sakura

K-pop project girl group IZ*ONE's member Miyawaki Sakura is also a huge fan of games.
Miyawaki SakuraIn one episode of Mnet's variety program 'IZ*ONE CHU', Miyawaki Sakura revealed that she wants to play console games or first person shooter games (FPS) with her fellow members and expressed her love for gaming accessories.
Miyawaki SakuraAfter finding out her love for games, some of her fans gave her a new nickname 'Gamkura', a compound word of game and her name.

3. Apink HAYOUNG

HAYOUNG, a member of K-pop girl group Apink is also a gaming enthusiast.
HAYOUNGHAYOUNG, who already mastered the team-based multiplayer computer game 'Overwatch' and the FPS game 'Sudden Attack' showed off her gaming skills when she made appearance at SBS' 'Game Show'.
HAYOUNGShe mentioned that she usually goes with 'Reaper' when she plays 'Overwatch', and said that she succeeded in earning the general title in 'Sudden Attack'.


K-pop girl group TWICE's member MINA used to be a model for 'Elsword', an online action RPG.
MINAPreviously, MINA surprised the engineers who work at 'Elsword' by completing the most difficult map of the game in a very short period of time.
MINAAlso, she cleared all the songs in mobile rhythm game 'SuperStar JYPNation' within just few days.

5. RAINBOW Ji Sook

A member of disbanded K-pop girl group RAINBOW's member Ji Sook is also a big fan of games.
Ji SookAccording to Ji Sook, she is more into console games than online games.
Ji SookOn one episode of MBC's variety show 'I Live Alone', Ji Sook made the viewers burst into laugh by showing them how she starts her day―putting on glasses and playing games.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= SBS, Mnet, MBC, 'NEXON_KR' Twitter, SBS funE)

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