VIDEO: BTOB Sings How the Present Moment Is Beautiful But Also Painful

Nov 27, 2018

VIDEO: BTOB Sings How the Present Moment Is Beautiful But Also Painful
K-pop boy group BTOB sorrowfully sang how the present time is beautiful but painful at the same time.

On November 25 episode of SBS 'Inkigayo', BTOB made the audience tear up with its song 'Beautiful Pain'.BTOB'Beautiful Pain' is the title track of the group's special album 'HOUR MOMENT'―a combination of the words 'hour' from time and 'our moment', which was released on November 12.

It is a medium-tempo ballad track with soft orchestra and acoustic guitar sounds, and it talks about how sad it is that we are unable to experience the same beautiful moment in the present again.

The lyrics go, "Time doesn't wait. Today will eventually become yesterday. I'm afraid to start again, because it's going to end just like that.", "I met love and went through a breakup. My days were filled with laughter and tears. Time is, what we call a moment is, beautiful and also painful.", and continue.BTOBFor this song, each member brought out their complex emotions, and they can easily be felt right from the beginning of the song.BTOBOn this day, BTOB members managed to demonstrate their flawless live singing/rapping skills, which acted as the perfect element that helped give a pleasant feeling to the audience.

Do you feel the same about the present time as BTOB?

(Lee Narin, Credit= SBS Inkigayo)

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