VIDEO: Song Joong Ki Sends His Greetings with a Completely New Hairstyle

Nov 28, 2018

VIDEO: Song Joong Ki Sends His Greetings with a Completely New Hairstyle
Korean actor Song Joong Ki gave himself a complete makeover.

On November 27, a fashion magazine 'VOGUE KOREA' shared a short video of Song Joong Ki on their social media account.Song Joong KiThe video shows Song Joong Ki styled with a fashionable black outfit, which highlights his gorgeous face as well as slim body figure.

What catches the most attention though is his new curly hair.

Previously, Song Joong Ki had straight hair that covered his forehead.

With this curly hair, Song Joong Ki managed to prove that he is a master of pulling off any kind of hairstyle.Song Joong KiIn the video, Song Joong Ki says, "Hi, this is Song Joong Ki. I'm here at a fashion event in Tokyo, Japan."

Then, he explained why he is wearing black, "I'm wearing everything in black, because I usually like simple style of clothes. Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys the show today!"

Upon seeing this video, fans reacted, "Joong Ki oppa looks like a cute little puppy with that hairstyle!", "Wow, I'm totally loving his look today.", "I can't believe he is in his 30s! He looks so young here!", and so on.

보그 레이더는 발렌티노 프리폴 컬렉션이 열리고 있는 도쿄로 향합니다?? 피에르 파올로 피춀리는 텅빈 공간 개념인 마(Ma)에서 영감을 얻은 컬렉션을 완성했습니다???? 발렌티노의 유산인 러플과 레이스, 레드와 블랙을 예술적인 감각으로 표현한 아름다운 컬렉션?? 오랫만에 패션쇼에 참석한 배우 송중기가 <보그>오디언스 여러분께 건낸 인삿말도 놓치지 마세요! (???Jiyoung Kim) . #valentinoTKY #송중기 #songjoongki #valentino _ #PierpaoloPiccioli was inspired by ‘Ma’, a Japanese word for space between things, for the #Valentino Pre-Fall collection. Actor Song Joongki attended the show. #Vogue #VogueKorea #宋仲基 #??天奴 #?京

Vogue Korea(@voguekorea)님의 공유 게시물님,

Meanwhile, Song Joong Ki is preparing himself to make a small screen comeback with an upcoming drama 'Asdal Chronicles' (literal title) that is to begin broadcasting in the first half of 2019.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'voguekorea' Instagram)

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